Saturday, May 28, 2011


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Steve and Jerry Panzner receive 2013 National Wetlands Award 

Who we are

Panzner Wetland Services was established by brothers Steve and Jerry Panzner when they decided to preserve the land that had housed Panzner & Sons Farm for generations by converting it into a wetland mitigation bank, creating the Panzner Wetland Wildlife Reserve in Copley, Ohio.

To see photos from the wetland, visit our Image Gallery.

The Panzner Wetland Wildlife Reserve has been donated to The University of Akron.  For information related to the Panzner Wetland Wildlife Reserve at the University of Akron, use the Contact the PWWR Site Manager link.


In the News

UA lands wetlands in Copley - Local - Ohio

Panzners donate living laboratory to UA

Copley wetland created by two brothers goes to UA

Gift of a wetland - Editorials - Ohio


In support of Research

Copley brothers donate living lab for UA research

In support of Education

Teachers venture into a swamp to prepare a lesson plan.